Sunday, November 30, 2014

Do It Afraid

I sat in church and let it settle on me. The first Sunday of Advent. And I'm not even really sure what it means, but I know this year we need to remember. To take a look at where we have come from. Where we are about to go. The verse that struck me so this morning. Mary, having an angel come to her, and my Bible read that she was greatly troubled and wondered what his greeting might be. And that gave me hope, it did. Mary had plans. She had dreams. She had her future waiting for her.....but God. And she was afraid. She could have said no. She could have stayed comfortable. God asked her to do something she had no answer to.  God asked her to go first. He asked me to go first in this journey of mine. To be uncomfortable and inconvienced. To lose, to be humbled, to let Him have His way. To do it afraid. And I have to believe her answer came not through assurance of anything other than her belief of who her God was....and still is. I'm Your servant. Let Your Word be fulfilled. I'm thankful for her choice. To step into her fear and do something amazing. This day one finds me stepping out, doing this afraid yet again. But somehow I believe that He is bringing a miracle out of this. Out of the quiet, most humbled places, His glory shines even brighter. Thankful. 

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