Saturday, November 22, 2014


It was late, I was tired and I wanted to go home. Sitting at the stop light seemed to take forever. Minutes passed. And more. And I wondered if I somehow missed the green light, my turn to go. And it kept being red. Over 10 minutes. I started getting upset. Is it broken? Am I stuck here? So I started looking for a way out. Because this couldn't be right. Cars kept coming. I couldn't turn to the right and go the wrong way to turn around and come back the right way. And I couldn't turn left. Because the light was red. Stuck. And then I saw the yellow appear. Really? Is it going to happen finally? And as I turned in the correct direction after waiting much longer than I ever believed, He whispered.....stop being so impatient. And it knew it had nothing to do with the red light. He has saved me many times from taking matters into my own hands, going the wrong way in hopes of getting around waiting to do it the correct way. And many times in the waiting I have felt that big red light screaming no. And I have felt stuck. And wondered if all I believed is somehow broken. If there is something wrong with this wait...or something wrong with me. Some days you can only just sit and wait it out. And you can fill the time with being anxious, or you can choose to spend it acknowledging the One Who created the wait for your safety, to get you on to the next place at the right time and in one whole piece. Thankful. 

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