Friday, March 28, 2014

5 Minute Friday - Mighty

The mighty winds of change have swept so harshly through my world.  And yet I'm still standing.  Sometimes the very thing that was meant to destroy you turns out to be the very thing that changes you and gets you to where you needed to be.  I look back lately over the last two years...the mighty winds finally have all died down and what beauty I see coming up out of the destruction.  Lands that were overgrown and covered laid flat, the path made level.  A mighty love overtook my heart and made me able to love that way too.  A mighty encounter with a Mighty God and nothing, nothing will ever be the same.  That is a beautiful thing.  It's this mighty God in us that allows us to do the hard work, things we never dreamed or imagined things that Bible stories were written about.  Yet He works no less in our lives today, no, He is here.  He is here. Thankful.



  1. Powerful words and a great reminder- thanks for sharing!

  2. As I read your words I am reminded of God's promise in Isa 61:3 of giving us beauty from ashes. May he continue to give you strength to face any new winds that may come.