Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Don't Lose Sight

Some days this dream feels anything but "dreamy".  It feels wholly impossible.  And then I began to wonder...what was it I was thinking to begin with??.....The dream began with a need to breathe, which gave way to writing, which gave way to breathing (sweet!!), which gave way to giving what I needed, which was encouragement, which He gave back to me, and then writing was, and I realized that it was just something that I must do because it's who I am, just a stepping stone to my dream....what was that exactly? Oh, encouraging? Huh? where did that come from and how in the world is that a dream?? But it is :) And it goes hand in hand with what He's called me to...being a mom, loving and caring for those around me in my own special way.  Maybe it's prayers or sandwiches or cinnamon rolls....maybe it's a Voxer message or a note card....oh my favorite kind of encouragement....this dream that sometimes I loose track of because I'm living life in this moment, which is a huge thing for me, circles round and finds me when I least expect it. All these little pieces will give way to something in time, but they are all connected, all part of what He is making me to be.  When I get so overwhelmed with the big, I loose sight of the small, the daily tasks of dreaming big.  Don't forget baby girl.....don't forget.  Don't ever despise the small.  Small prepares you for the things to come so you won't lose sight.  Thankful.

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  1. Love Voxer and how is it an easy way to encourage others!! :) Sounds like you are living and following God's plan for your life!