Sunday, March 30, 2014

#SheReadsTruth - Jonah

Jonah 3 & 4 has been the study this week.
God gave him a task.  And once he did what was asked, what was required, he went up on a hillside to watch what would happen.  He watched the salvation of the Lord.  And he got ticked.  They don't deserve this!!! And he was so angry that these horrible acting people might be spared.  Even in the midst of his fit, God provided for him, a vine to shelter his head from the elements.  And when the shelter failed him, he got so angry he wanted to die!! How often have I done what God required only to sit back and ask why would God decide to bless?  No fair!!! Jonah had forgotten his own rebellion and God's grace and what He had delivered him from.  God asked him what right he had to be upset about something that was really none of his concern or in his control.  What right do I have to place myself over God's choice of mercy and blessing? Even when it seems undeserved....especially when it seem undeserved.  Because if we take an honest look, there is not one standing that can say we have earned His grace...His mercy.  May we always be quick to give away that which has been so generously given to us, when we seemed to deserved it the least. Thankful.

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