Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Plans - God Sized Dreams

Plans....I used to make them. Hold myself to them and quite fall apart if things did not go according to schedule. I loved two year planners. They gave me hope, a feeling of security, and allowed me to believe that I was in control.

How does a girl who had such dreams loose it all and still keep up the hope that somehow, someway, He has a plan? How do the dreams in your heart keep pressing out when it seems that everything around is set for their destruction? 

These have always been with me. I have always been a writer, always wanted to be a wife and a mom. I have attained them and lost them all at times. Sometimes by my own hand and sometimes by the hands of others. Yet they remain. Through the fire, through the floods, through the drought and through the deadest of winters. These things remain. Because God's Word never returns void. Never fails. Never disappoints. Thankful.

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