Sunday, March 30, 2014


He was wounded for our transgressions.

I get a little irritated. A little impatient. Yet for the past days we have studied Jonah.
God asked.
And. He. Ran.
It gives comfort to know I am not the only stubborn child. 

And when fresh wounds come, they don't exactly surprise me. They uncover things not quite healed. And my immediate response is to flinch. Because its still painful. 

He flinched, Jesus did. He wondered if this could be done another way, yes. But He knew. No. And so He settled in. And He was wounded. Again and again. For you. For me. 

And so this conversation between God and I.....
Still? Yes.
Painful. Yes.
Confusing. Not really.....
Wounded for us. For our healing. For the knowledge of our worth. For good. For His glory. 
Wounded but not beaten. Considered dead but raised to life that conquered death. Wounded so that healing would finally come. Wholeness. His purpose. His plan. Even when it hurts. Thankful.

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  1. I like your perspective that I'm not the only of God's children who has run, or been stubborn, or not wanted to allow the work He's doing in me. It is always nice when you can make the connection that you are not alone.