Wednesday, March 19, 2014


My alarm went off and my first inclination was to throw it. Not the best indication of my morning. I didn't think it would feel like this. Again. I thought I was past this. But here I am.
And so I prayed. 
It's all I know to do. 
There isn't any rule book for this sort of thing....well, there is really. But the Rule is quite simple. Love. 
And bordering disobedience, I prayed. Tell me what to do because I just can't see. I can't do this. I just don't want to anymore. 
One eye opened enough to read an email blog post I opened on accident. And there He sat, waiting to meet me... 
HOPE & Jeremiah 29:11. 
Photo credit: Laura J Dake Photography
My default. My reset. Home. As I settled and read one more, almost hitting delete, there it was again. My verse. You don't have to know the plans. I already do. Plans not for harm, for good. To. Give. You. Hope. And so I kept breathing, kept praying. 
Because I still do not want this. 
No more. 
I just need to go. 
And I saw the familiar name of the sweetest friend, so I clicked it. And the running shoes made me smile....exactly what I want.  And then then words that rang so loud in my spirit. Don't. Run. 

Stay. Hope and don't run. I wanted an answer. I got it. Stay in this place that leads to the land He promised. Stay when I want to catch the next plane out of this waiting room. Stay. And do whatever He tells you to. Just don't run. 

In passing, someone, March 19th, is the last day of winter. 
Tomorrow is the first day of spring. 
New beginnings. 
Finish what you started so you can begin again. Thankful. 


  1. I'm so thankful it's the first day of Spring. Hope does spring here. In hope is where I want to stay, not run. Thanks for your poetic way of sharing this. It blessed me.

  2. "You don't have to know the plans. I already do. Plans not for harm, for good. To. Give. You. Hope." Thank you for encouraging me today.

    1. So glad to share some encouragement Trudy :)

  3. Spring, hope, new life.
    Praying that you can sense His tight embrace in the waiting place, as a comfort, not a cage.

    1. Thank you so much. Spring is a process just like this is and waiting for new beginnings.

  4. You don't need to know the plans..I do. Powerful. We need to just trust His Word. Stepping forward in trust, knowing we are never alone. Great post. Stopping over from Faith Barista.......