Sunday, March 16, 2014

Crowd - 5 MinuteFriday

Prompt: CROWD

In the crowd it's so easy to get lost, to be unseen.  To just breathe.  No expectation, no real responsibility. Just be.  And when His eyes catch can't look away.  He sees YOU.  And in the crowd you are no longer apart of it, but singled out.  And He calls to you.  And you are so afraid.  What might they say or they think if I step out of this place.  What if I step out of the crowd and do the thing that no one else might see as right? But He keeps calling.....out of the crowd, out of the masses, out of what is comfortable out of what seems possible....out of all that crowds your heart and your soul and your spirit and who He made you to be.  Thankful.



  1. That was great. It really goes along with a theme we are writing about on one of my blogs. Thanks so much for sharing

  2. Beautiful!! Love that He keeps calling us!