Monday, February 16, 2015

Little Stars

I wanted, NEEDED a miracle. I thought I knew how this should all play out. I thought I knew the ending and happily ever after. These days I'm not sure of anything anymore. I got a miracle. One I wasn't looking for. How do you stand on your own two feet and keep getting back up time and time again....that's the miracle. Seeing God move, provide and make a way time after time. Miracles. And I find myself here again. Asking questions that I really don't even know if I want the answers to. And the thing is, I'm strong enough to walk away not knowing. He called me back round to face a few things. It was time. And I was ready. And I slipped right back into something so familiar. Something I dreamed would be impossible. But after months, years, of the day in and day out, I was prepared. And I didn't even know it. It came right back to me. I know this fight. I know it well. Only I am not that girl who began this walk so long ago. That changes everything. He changes everything. And that fear that comes so close that makes you have to go outside to breath, yeah. That one. The one that began it all. That fear had no idea what this girl can do now. And I looked up at the stars that used to stare back down at me on my barely sunrise runs. And I remember. Thankful. 

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