Saturday, February 14, 2015


It's Valentine's Day. Number four......the fourth since my world changed.  The fourth that I have been walking this road.  The fourth that I have been doing the next right thing.  This year is strangely different.  I'm different.  37 months, 1 week and 3 days..... they changed me.  It's just one of those things I think I had to learn the hard way.  He knew that about me.  He made me for hard.  I never think I'm ready.  I never fully believe that it's really going to be okay, except somehow, I know it is.  Running was the very first thing that taught me the concept of reaping and sowing.  Reaping and sowing over a long period of time.  It was not instantaneous.  It was ugly.  It made me cry and sweat and want to quit a million times.  But I didn't because each time I finished I forgot about all of it.  The sowing caused a great harvest in me.  I have doubted Galatians 6 for along time now.  But He brings me back round to it.  And I have read it and written it a hundred times.  Sowing seed....tucking it in deep.  And I see so much coming to fruition in my own life.  Hard choices...hard consequences too.  Yet He is faithful.  And with that settling deep in my bones, I know His word is right.  I know my faith is the best choice.  Not the easiest, but the best.  Not perfectly executed, but perfectly covered in grace.  Because He sees the heart.  He knows the deep down whys you are making the decisions.  Sometimes even before you do.  And He honors that.  He cares for the ones He calls His own.  He makes a way, loves.  I promise with my whole heart its true.  Because this was the day....a heart day...that I just did the next right thing...over and over again.  And when we do, the fear, it must flee.  Yes.  It must when there is no fear to fear, we are left with only one thing, the best thing.  Love.  'Cause it never fails.  Thankful.

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