Sunday, February 22, 2015


It's Sunday again. And as much as I question lately, He does brings me the answers. You see, I've never been the girl to do things the right way, the expected way, no. My soul is quite the rebel. Always has been. But He loves that about me. He made me like this on purpose I believe. Because I can do hard things and love in hard ways. Because I have been hard to love too. And I have those in my life who have had to do hard things to get through to me, yes. And so as I sit here today, quite having church in a two piece, in the beautiful outside that gives my soul peace, while He asks me to do hard things....yes. He finds me here. Heals me here. Loves me here. And I am living right here in this very moment. Difficult for a girl like me. A year of no fear I said. Surely He will meet me. And so He has. And so I'll keep going. And fear it fades like a whisp. Thankful. 

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