Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Beauty of Grace - A Book Review

It had been quite the week and I was so very tired. And this arrived.  I finished all that home requires of me and finally sank into bed, grateful for the refuge my sheets provided....and it began to rain.  I remembered the book and thought I might want to read just a little before sleep.  And page after page brought much sought after relief.  Grace when I had not expected it.  I am finding more and more that that when I let my expectations go, when I give myself the kindness and forgiveness I would offer another in my shoes, my heart opens wide to the work He is doing in me.  That is grace.  Remembering that each day will be different. Each season has changes and it's in the continual seeking that I find Him.  Being the constant requires grace.  And sometimes it may require an extra little dose of it before bed.  A reminder before I close my eyes that He is with me. Never sleeping.  And these pages and beautiful words remind me I am not alone and not the only one.  And there is comfort in that too.  Thankful.

*A copy of Dawn Camp's The Beauty of Grace was graciously provided to me for review

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