Sunday, February 8, 2015


Don't despise the small.... He said that to me very early on in this. And I hated it. I hated everything about small. Because for a long time, I felt invisible. I felt as if I did not matter in the least. That is a painful feeling. I am grateful I pushed past and let God do His work in me. Because here is what I know. Sometimes it's the smallness that will allow God's biggest work. Sometimes small allows you the ability to be the closest and whisper the things that will be life changing. For you, for them. I cherish the small. It has exploded in my heart. The beauty, the gift of it. You have to be humbled greatly to recieve it. And oh how He humbled this girl. Laid me flat. But what I did not see then was that the destruction gave me perspective. And my response gave me a voice that I could never have owned without the breaking. The small has given me the ability and gentleness to draw close and whisper seeds down deep. Heart and soul changing words. That can only come from small that lets Him be big. Somedays those seeds make me fearful. I can't say that, Lord....I can't share that..... But I look fear in the face and say no fear, No.  Because I can't not share it. It's not in me to withhold. The overflow is much too powerful for that. Thankful. 

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