Saturday, February 14, 2015

On Thoughts of Love and Valentines

I'm reading all these posts. What messages do Barbie dolls send our kids....these movies and are they shaping our children's views and minds. And as much as I don't like soap box writing, I do believe words are a most important tool in helping a person become who they were made to be. This is what I say to my children, the ones to whom my soap box affects the most in this life.

To my loves,

There is so much out there screaming for your attention. You are big kids now.  Big dreams, big choices, big decisions and big temptations.  And I have realized over the past few years, these years that have defined quite a lot for us all, what is out there counts way less that what lives inside these walls.  Where your home is, where you are safe and loved and learn the difference between right and wrong.  From me.  Because that's my big girl job.  Being your mom.  It's less about what I say and more about how I live my life in front of you.  And what choices I make inside these wall that will help determine the choices you make outside them. When all that glitters and is gold fades, you still have a place of solid and of truth to return to.  You have a home.  You belong.  All those truths, all those talks, all those day in and day out whispers of what we think and who we are and the life we share, carry those with you.  Remember who you are. Remember you are never so far away that you can't come home.  And remember that I will always come get you.  There is nothing that can separate you from my love.  You are a part of me.  That never changes, Ever. No book or movie or person or thing can ever change who you are and who He created you to be.  And my best job, my greatest accomplishment is seeing you two grow into THE MOST AMAZING humans I have ever known. You make my heart full and I believe in you. And these things make me so desperately, Thankful.

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