Thursday, February 26, 2015


This week has been exhausting. More than I dreamed. Using my words like I haven't in a long time. Telling the good. Speaking it over and over. I'm wondering if this is a cold that has found me or just my body completely unused to this. And then when the silence comes it catches me of guard. Because I know my part is finished. The rest is up to Him. And part of me would much rather fight a battle than rest. So what's a girl to do when she has fought the fight of her life and she knows that there is a story to tell, yes....what indeed. I am not afraid of the silence. I am not afraid of the leaving, of the letting go, of the unseen, of the unknown. I've been to all those places. I lived through it. And they did not crush me and they themselves do not define me. They helped mold me, shape me and push me into the girl He is creating everyday. And so what do you do, what do you do....when you find yourself over your head and not a life raft in sight?  You do what you know. What you learned in the quiet, you use in the storm. What is it that I know in this place? Scriptures flood my mind.....and become a life line to what I can hold fast to.....while I wait. While I wait. Thankful. 

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