Friday, September 6, 2013

5 Minute Friday - Red

Joining Lisa Jo and the girls for 5 Minute Friday.  No Edits, no re-writes and love those that came before you.

Topic: Red

Red is not my favorite color.  It's distinct in nature.  It's loud and hard and makes you take notice.  Red reminds me of angry and war and all the things I would rather not face.  Red makes me think of an emergency.  But red also makes me think of Him.  He can be all those things and then also the complete opposite.  The red of His blood shed created the white, my most favorite color, in my life and heart and covers all the loud, harsh and hurtful things making them no more.  It covers the hurts and the why's and the tears and the confusions and brings peace.  Thankful.



  1. beautiful and powerful post this morning.

  2. "The red of His blood shed created the white" I love this line. The world struggles to understand how a color as deep as red can then become another color as pure as white.

    1. Thank you Amy. It's funny I was so upset when He called me back to blogging, hence the red of my background. But then I chose white for the words. And it always reminds me that.

  3. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing! I love this :)

    Stopping by from FMF.

    Have a beautiful weekend!