Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I talked about God setting us up for success a couple days ago.  I believe He does.  And that success can come in different forms.  Opportunities.  He gives us the chance to grow, the chance to trust, the chance to step out and risk, the chance to shine a light in our heart and show us where we might need a little pruning. The question is what will we do with these opportunities?  Yesterday found everything that I am being called into question and the battle begins to hold on to who He says we are in the midst of what others might say.  I was reminded that words wound.  But I was also reminded that when we use words for hurt, it's out of our own pain.  I've been there.  I've done the wounding.  So yesterday found me at a complete loss for words. What to do when the pain is great and you know that the only answer is be still.....well, the opposite of words that hurt are words that heal, words that affirm.  And when you can't do anything else, you can praise. And sometimes even that might just be with your tears, but what I know to be true is that He see our hearts, He knows the truth, we are not the judge and He will use even trials for our good.

The afternoon found me exhausted on every level....and a change in plans that seemed to be something that might cause stress actually became a 2 hour opportunity to just settle and let Him work on my very sore heart. He gives us opportunities all along the way to see things differently, to change our actions, to let Him change who we are and perhaps change the lives of those around us.  We can use these opportunities to build others up or tear them down.  And our choices in every situation, ultimately change us.  Thankful.

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