Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Behind The Scenes - Routine

I sit down each morning lately and this is my view.  Evidence of the ones who are here.  I watch out the window each morning, get some coffee in me and pray for them as I watch them walk to the end of the drive and wait for the bus.  And I pray.  For them, for their day, for their safety, for their futures.  When they were little I sat at a different table, looking out a different big window.  Having coffee and praying for my young family.  Looking at a different view of the same woods and trees and sky.  Crayons and homeschool curriculum covered the table.  Now its, psychology, geography, computers and classic books being discussed in Literature class.  They need me as much now as they did then.  And God rearranged things to make that possible in this time.  They are happier.  Peace has settled in their hearts. And I am learning to be still.  To let peace settle in my heart too.  So as I whisper my prayers and see the flashing lights take them on another days adventure, I am choosing to live in this day, in this moment.  To be grateful for the small, the routine, the lunches made, the laundry done, the dishes to be washed and the meals to be prepared.  This is shaping lives.  This is giving me the platform to instill Him into their lives and also into my own.  Thankful.


  1. It's inspiring to read your words today and be reminded that there is so much beauty found in the simple and routine of a day. This is something I'm trying to do more often...to find that beauty in the smallest of blessings. :) Love your words and your heart, friend. Thank you for being you! Blessings and happy Tuesday! :)

  2. How blessed your family is that you make prayer such a part of your morning routine. I have recently begun to focus on being more intentional in praying for each area of the day before my husband and kids. Thanks for the reminder for me to keeping going.