Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hope For The Weary Mom - 3 Little Words

Dear Weary Mom,

This week has found me wondering what in the world...doubting myself, second guessing everything and wondering, am I enough?  Am I the mom that these kids truly need?  Have my choices completely put them through the ringer?  Because that's the way I feel.

My girl has a planner and this morning, I wrote a little note to her, just to say I love you.  Today when I got home she said "MOM!! I got your note :)  I even told my teacher about it!"  Oh, such balm to this weary heart.  I forget they aren't necessarily looking at the big and grand things I may pull's the little notes on a napkin in the lunch boxes...both reminded me that I had not done that yet this school year....seems that life and memories really are in the small stuff.  A kiss, a hug, a smile, a touch, words spoken.....these are the things that bind them together and hold them when they feel so very small....I know because it's the same things that holds me together at times too.  Thankful.

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