Monday, September 16, 2013


So a new week is staring me in the face.  The last two have been quite interesting.  Change.  All of it shaking things up.  Last night small group began at church.  And that was completely out of my element.  Because then you have to share about the real you...and that's hard.  As the discussion turned to what our gifts are I thought about it in my head...I'm an encourager.  It's who He made me to be and some people might think that is the craziest thing ever....I hid from that for a long time and acted in the complete opposite of what an encourager is.  Sitting there on the couch with my younger sister, who became my hand holder on this latest stepping out adventure, she looked at me with her beautiful wide eyes that see the good in most everything around and whispered...tell them your gift...that your a writer....and I just never thought about saying it out people.  Because that makes it real somehow, and when you say it, to people you SEE in real life, then what?  What if they judge and say no way! You are sooooo not a WRITER!  But as I sit here this morning, I know that yeah, I am.  I am a writer.  I am also an encourager.  And the two for me, go hand in hand.  It write better than I talk.  My emotions spill out through my words and sometimes when you are trying to get that out, especially when speaking, it's a very difficult thing.

And so it's Monday....but somehow, it's just not the same old day, the same old thing anymore.  I don't have words for it really other than transition.  And He's in this whatever it is.  And He made me for this.  He made me for words, for hard, for this very moment.  Thankful.

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