Friday, January 17, 2014

5 Minute Friday - Encouragement


It's a word, a hand, a whisper....a text, a smile, a card, a tear.  A phone call, invitation, pinky swear, coffee at Target.  It's soft, it's stern, it looks you in the eyes, it lifts your chin, it hands you a tissue...and takes one too.  It's watermelon and cupcakes and all the other comforts of your insides.  It stays....even on the hard days.  It cheers for the ones who go before knowing that someday your turn will come too and it gives you the very thing it requires...strength, hope, courage, purpose...Him.  Thankful.



  1. I like your words. It amazing the many forms encouragement can come. and often time God orchestrates it so that it comes in the right form for the one who needs it.

  2. Hi, what a nice post! Makes me think it's time for an encouragement session with some friends at a coffeeshop!

  3. "It stays....even on the hard days." Those hard days do come don't they ? However, the beauty that is on the other side makes it worth it.