Friday, January 17, 2014

God Sized Dreams - Whisper

If I was being completely and utterly ridiculous would you tell me? "Yes, she replied. I would." I believe her. She asked...what going on, you okay? I told her, about battling this silence, which leads to second guessing if I am still out of the boat.. or under it. She reminded me.....when you have done absolutely all you can do, then just stand. Stand. He's been saying that a lot. This morning I woke early. Lots of things going through my head. Standing at the stove cooking breakfast for my two, I remembered. I prayed for this. This peace. These days of a life not held together by a thread. Yes, I did didn't I? These were the first whispers of a dream I didn't know existed. It's this new thing He keeps telling me about....perhaps I am really beginning to perceive it. To keep going when few around me understand what it is He is calling me to. To shrug off others opinions when I know my heart, and so does He. This is me learning. This is me standing. This is me out of the boat. If I fail, if I fall, I tried. I didn't quit. And I'm not alone. Sometimes there are only a very few hands to hold. Sometimes He wants to be the handholder. Thankful. 


  1. Thank you for linking up, friend. And yes, He does know your heart (that thought gives me comfort too!). : ) He won't let you go under. Sending you an email. : )

    1. Thank you for your words :) excited to see your dream unfolding and so many able to share in it!! He is faithful :)