Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This struggle found me face down today. Letting go required trust. Trust requires faith and He has been pressing some very sore spots lately. This place of humility and being broken and humbled over and over....I finally said I just can't anymore. I became completely undone. And perhaps that is the exact place He has been bringing me too. The Nester wrote about an UNword. Well I think mine is UNdone. Because for Him to restore some things, some things needed to be undone....completely unraveled. And if everything is neat and tidy how does He shine through? If I have it all together then how is there room for Him to put things right? So face down, teary eyed snot bubbles gave way to my coming completely unraveled in my expectations, my will, my deciding how this can possibly be what He is still, STILL speaking to me. I give Lord, I give. Yes, just yes. Move, just move. Miracles, just bring it. I'm gonna move if I have to crawl. I'm not stopping even if it's on hands and knees. And maybe that is the best way to get there. Thankful.


  1. Just getting caught up today...and oh, friend. This. Giving it up and letting ourselves be undone so He can do His thing. Yes. Hugs and blessings today...and believing He has those miracles for you. Love to you!!!

    1. Thank you sweet friend :) for standing and believing along side me. Love you!