Monday, January 27, 2014

Almost is Not Always Fun

I just need a signature....since I'm not old enough to quit on my own! I listen to her vent her frustrations, not really meaning the words she speaks. I know this is hard. I know she sees all those around her having what seems to be an easy, full of fun and games senior year. And she is walking through the hardest thing she has ever come up against. And she's exhausted. And it scary some days when failure looms larger than confidence. It feels as if the closer we get to the end the easier it should be, instead, it feels like has all this been for nothing? I see what she cannot see, I know the answers to her questions and I know exactly what she will be feeling 4 months from now....even though it feels like there is no end in sight. I can say keep going because even though it is so hard to see her struggle, I know what is changing and shaping inside of her, the preparations for great things my girl is going to do.

This is the same conversation I have been having with my Father. I want to quit, this sucks and everyone else seems to have it easier and a lot more fun. He shakes His head. What I'm preparing for isn't what anyone else's path may look like. And my hard work seems ever so hard right now and the exhaustion and fear and frustration seems more than I can take. And as I petition His signature....let's just write this off! I just need Your o.k..... He just says no. When you get to the end, it will still have been hard, but that just makes it more worth while. We both have new things coming up, my girl and I. Both going into grand adventures unknown, but armed with the knowledge that we are not alone. Thankful. 

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