Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Behind The Scenes - Unexpected

They are amazing, these three. They are the ones who have traveled with me along this narrowest of ways. They are the smiles that greet me each morning. They are the reason some days I keep getting out of bed. They were my best gift this Christmas Day. They are my heart and soul. They are my treasure, my greatest accomplishments. They are joy. I was so very nervous about this Christmas, what it would hold, how it would feel because the last two, well, they left me feeling anything but God's love if I am being honest.  This year I knew, God was calling me into quiet. That terrified me.  I wanted to go anywhere but there.  But I knew better this time, better than to doubt Him.  And in the beautiful quiet He gave me more than I can ever list.  I let Him have His way and He showed me the way.  I had told the children that our budget still stood and that we had to be mindful of things.  They were both so gracious about it.  The miracle that touched my heart is in the fact that neither child said anything other than thank you for what we have.  We don't care how much, we are thankful.  And they had the best Christmas ever.  They traveled to see family, and in the way that only God can do....He provided them with everything they asked for.  Every.Single.Thing.  And the pure and utter joy on their faces was a gift I cannot describe.  This Christmas was everything my heart needed.  It was beautiful, it was healing.  It was never about the stuff.  God wants us to have things, I believe that.  But His biggest concern is the condition of our hearts.  When we realize what our true Gift is, all the rest takes proper place and is icing on the cake. At the end of the day, it is those three who make my life so much richer. And this was the year I got the Best.Gift.Ever....I got my joy back. Thankful. 

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