Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Joining Holly and the girls for Coffee For Your Heart 

God Sized dreams have to start somewhere don't they? Yeah :) Mine began two years ago, face down and my world was shattered.  Nothing in my life was ok and I had never been further away from God.  He kept me breathing and moving for the next three weeks as the horror and shock became my reality.  And it was then, sitting on the den floor He asked me...which way baby have to choose....and I was so desperate and so hurting that I begged Him to just tell me what to do....I'll do whatever You say.....and so here I am :)  I chose to do things His way this time.  Not the way I usually had done, not the way the world says is the right way.  And that changed everything, but especially me.  My dream?  It may not seem big, but it's more than you can be a wife and mama, to be the encourager and intercessor He created me to be and to share what He has done in reach others and offer what only He can.  Restoration.  The restoration He promised me in a bathroom stall at Target, the restoration He promised me long before that when I didn't even understand, also in a bathroom stall at Target....God speaks to me in bathrooms, A LOT. He sometimes has to corral me to get me to shut it down and listen!  The restoration He promised as He called me back to writing.  The first blog I ever visited!  Christine's!  Because of the verse....Joel 2:25....His promise :)

So, I'm sitting here writing (and's my joy overflow when I get full :) with frozen water somewhere.....I sent the kids off to school with teeth brushed from bottled water.  But here is the amazing thing....we kept our peace.  We kept our joy.  My girl praised Jesus cause I had enough water in the pitcher to make coffee!  I praised Him cause really, what can I complain about?  I am blessed to have family to help me.  I just had to make a phone call.  I have plenty of places to go and shower and wash clothes and do anything I need until things get restored.  I have a big ol' pool I just got refilled the night before and scooped some out to get enough to bathe with this morning.

He meets our needs while we wait for restoration.  They may not be exactly what we expected, but we are not in want. This was never ever what I expected.  But I have not for one second been in want.  Why? Because I chose Him.  His ways.  And they are not always the easiest way around the block, no ma'am.  But I will say from experience, He restores.  And He never fails.  Thankful.

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  1. You inspire me, know that? Every single time I stop by your space. From the way you candidly share your heart to the way you spill the fact that God speaks to you in Target bathrooms. :) (This Target lovin' girl totally cracked a huge smile at that one!) From the way you find the good in frozen pipes to how you praise our Father on the tough days. I'm so thankful for you and blessed to call you a dreaming sister and a friend. :) Love ya!