Saturday, January 25, 2014


It is winter. And these days it is cold. No really.... I don't like to be cold. It's uncomfortable. Winter comes and things look dead and you don't want to move and then feel guilty for not wanting to move and oh.....umhm. This cold is pressing in on me. This winter is dragging on, like the winter feel of this season in my heart. It's getting colder and deader it seems. Also like this season. I am having issues, dreams and anxiety about water. Yes, water. He speaks to me through water, you know. Water in the pool, water in the pipes, water, water, everywhere. What happens when water gets cold? It freezes. It expands. It busts outta whatever has it bound. This cold in my soul feels like all that water, freezing and expanding. Bustin out of what has held it for so long. I dreamed a couple nights ago about snow. A vivid dream. I saw beautiful flurries coming at me, so I ran to get the kids and by the time we returned it was just rain. When I woke up I thought how crazy. It's cold, but this is the south peeps. Friday in all it's coldness, it began to rain. And I heard loud pebble sounds. I walked outside.....sleet....flurry pellets of ice coming down. They gathered in my hair and hit my face and I thought this is soooo weird!!  I came back in and as I sat, I heard that Voice.....those dreams, the ones I speak to you that sound ever so crazy.....they aren't. What seems wholly impossible, well it isn't with Me. Ice flakes in the south.....thankful.

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