Saturday, January 11, 2014


I get concerned. I get nervous. Is it You Lord? Even now I question...what if I make a mistake? I was reading this a couple days ago and her words pricked my heart:

"At odds. My goodness that is exactly how it feels when fight Him...resist His hand...pull away and turn our heart." Vanessa Dorsey 
And He reminded me. He spoke something, so tiny and seemingly inconsequential. But my heart knew it wasn't.  My heart knew it was about hearing Him and obeying. Because my first thought was prideful and I felt that immediate tug. I was trying to run. He said not the right way....and I knew. And I did what He asked and it broke that hard place in my heart as I followed through. It made me tear up. I heard. I listened. I knew what He was asking. And I did it. 

Yesterday, another word spoke. And I questioned. And I did it. Even in the silence. And He reminds me. If I misstep He is right here. If I can't determine the whisper He will hold me. He shows us the way. And His goal is that closeness. That tug. That smallest hint of separation that will feel like a huge piece of us missing. Thankful. 

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