Friday, January 17, 2014

Faith Jam - Just Begin

Joining Bonnie and the Girls....
Just begin. Do something, anything. I opened one eye and willed myself out of bed. Coffee, kids lunches.....ack....I NEED to write...but my words have been stuck. Just begin. Kid out the door, lunch made and coffee poured. I sat down, whispered my prayer and just put one word down on the screen. Just begin. And they came in a slow trickle. And my heart felt lighter. I didn't know if I had it in me to run...but I NEED to run. It's the same way with my words. Somehow all of this is connected. One thing leads to another. And so I said... Just begin. And so I did. One step, two steps....and as I gave thanks for my legs, for the ability to move, thanks for the beautiful sky, my winter woods and cool air.....they flooded my soul. Running shakes my words loose, my words break the barriers and walls that separate me from freedom. The freedom found in allowing myself to not have the answers, not know this ending, not have to be anything other than this girl, right now, giving it all to Him. Pressing my prayers into the ground with the impact each stride brings. I leave it here for Him to take. It empties my soul and leaves room for His grace to refill. And I remember that I didn't have anything other than a command and a promise when I started this journey....all the whys, who's, when's and where's don't really matter. The end of it all was settled at the Cross so long ago. Thankful. 

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