Thursday, February 20, 2014


These words. They kept pulling at me. It's my voice....your voice. Our all together prayers towards Jesus. And I believe when you take things in, they become your words. Our words come from the outflow of our hearts. And these words were pouring into my heart. So what might come if I let them out again? We take in and let it change us. We speak to what change has come. 

One awkward, awakened leap. 
Ta-da worthy. Renew more cheer. 
Beloved seek simplify. Trust peace overflow. 
Draw near Emanuel. Journey seeking home. 
Obedient applia grace. Present blessing, above all, follow compassion. 
Overcome, devote, hope, yield....bless. Jesus, let me worship intentional. 
Fruitful reflections healthy, happy, fun, undaunted. 
Redeemed. Hidden....come healing light. Plans go, renewal come bold. 
Believe The Word all-in. Savor refuge....prepare, nourish, move. 
Crucible, perseverance....confidence, transition, expectant. 
Count promises, dream, create rest. 


  1. Read, rejoice, embrace, breath in peace. Love!

  2. Thank you for bringing together a community of voices, Kimberly. :)