Saturday, February 15, 2014

5 Minute Friday - Garden


Each garden begins the same.  A tilling, a breaking of the foundation.  Preparation for what is to come.  No seed can be planted without a breaking loose of what is already there, unyielding.  The seed is sown, so very slowly.  One by one....verse by verse....word by word..Sown and covered, sown and covered, to protect the small piece of life from what may come to steal it.  It grows deep and solid, opposite of out, it grows in and down and takes root.  And it grows stronger, away from the hidden eye, where nothing is seen, but it pulls nutrient from.  Slowly and without warning, something happens.  It grows.  First slowly then seemingly it's there overnight.  Yet the days and weeks...and perhaps months of preparation, all made it ready for this day, for this time, to show itself strong, to bare its fruit, to be what it was made to be all along, in the quiet, in the hidden, in the places that only the Sower knew existed.  Thankful.


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