Sunday, February 23, 2014

5 Minute Friday - Small

PROMPT - Small...GO..

Small. These days lately I feel very small. These days lately I have fussed about how desperately tired I am. How much I just want help. Just want a shoulder. Just want someone is this with me. Just.....
The rain came in torrents this morning. I had been fussing about dealing with the pool. Too much Lord. Too much. And this morning when I walked outside I smiled. I did. He cares about the small. Right here where I'm at He meets me. He will be my shoulder, my Rock, the One I can depend on. Even in the small, like filling the pool back to the right level until this leak gets resolved. He sees. He cares. He protects. He meets my every need. Thankful.


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  1. First of all, I'm so glad you did this on Sunday- you gave me the motivation I needed to do my own first entry! Thank you.
    Secondly, you are not alone in feeling so tired and needing help. And wow- the pool? Yes, Our Lord certainly does look after each one of our concerns. Big and small. Thank you for reminding me of just that. Many blessings to you this Sunday.