Wednesday, February 12, 2014


She's my girl. My very own. These days of late are busy. So much to do between the both of my two not-so-littles. Her dance on Saturday left us in a whirlwind of preparation. Her hair she does herself, but her makeup, I have always done for everything big occasion. She does her own mascara. Baby steps :) She is finding her own style, her own likes, her own sense of who she wants to be. But even on the best days, even when we feel most beautiful, we can still feel like we just don't measure up. Comparisons. I want her to never doubt that she is perfect just because she breathes. I want her to fully grasp that when her eyes open to yet another day, He has something important for her to do. Maybe it's just a smile that will help someone hold on a little longer. Maybe it's sharing her lunch or snack or a pencil. Maybe it's just to keep her mom remembering that blessings come at the most unexpected of times. Just like she did. Without warning. And everything changed, for the better. Thankful. 

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