Saturday, January 31, 2015

5 Minute Friday - Wait

Five Minute Friday - 4

Wait. The word made me smile quietly on the inside. It's the word that used to make my heart race and cause me to break out in a cold sweat. Waiting did not kill me as I supposed in the early days it might. It has taken on its own kind of strength in me at this point. Because my wait has been the longest kind of not yet I could have ever imagined. Yes....wait. We are friends of sorts. I am beginning to see the beauty in the waiting. The things that He uses time to grow and mature. The young fruit of the branches is often beautiful, yet hard and unripe on the inside. Its time not yet come. He allows the wait to create the fullness and richness of what it is to be. And that just takes time. What have I made of this wait? So many days I squander its potential. But nothing is wasted in His hands, no. And the beauty that this foundation has brought could have only come for waiting for the proper time. It is not quite done. The beautiful fruits are appearing. But their time is set by the Hands Who know just the right time. That know when the wait should be over. And as fear loves to whisper to me ever so often....surely it won't come. Such a long wait you have had...much longer than should be.  Perhaps you missed it. Pick what's there to fill your hands..... I know better. And I am learning to say, with much certainty, no fear, simply, NO. Thankful.


  1. This is so good! I love the analogy about the fruit not being ripe yet. We can be encouraged because we know it is coming... We just have to wait on the ripe, oh I mean right timing. I see a beautiful maturity in your perspective! In our microwave culture of getting things right now, waiting is a lost art. But as you wait, running after God's heart, he is strengthening yours. :) Blessings.

  2. I too loved the analogy of the fruit. I just bought grapes yesterday, one was sweet the other are edible but not as sweet if they had been left on the vine a little longer. That is life, just like Sarah ran ahead of God but then was rewarded with Issac a child of laughter. We can have laughter in our lives when we wait on the Lord. Blessings. Your neighbor at five minute Friday.