Friday, January 2, 2015


Along with the do not fears and the forget the olds, He threw in the one thing that was the first thing He said to me. Before it ever went south. Before I ever had an inkling of what really was to be. 1 Corinthians 13. And that verse became the structure, the outline, the skeleton, if you will, of what He wanted from me....for me. It's the reminder He sends on the days when I doubt I can even take another breath. Love never fails. It doesn't. It's why He came. It's how He overcame. It's how I will do this thing He has asked. It's how I have come this far and how I will continue. His love through me....Will. Not. Fail. It hasn't looked one thing like I thought it should. It has been unyielding, hard and sometimes unkind. Bloody, dirt under your nails and mud on your face from the falls that humble, but allow you a perspective and a platform you never dreamed. It has taken more than I believed I had to give. Over and over again. It has ripped my heart out and made me think that this was the stupidest thing He has ever asked of someone. Yet it changed me. You see when love is offered it changes the giver and the receiver. Neither may know or even see it, but it does. It's there. It plants seeds and believes that the good will come. Yes. Because it doesn't fail. He doesn't fail. With love, you have it all. You won the lottery. You got the prize. Love. Thankful. 

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