Friday, January 2, 2015

How Many Coats?

The panic began to rise. Who decided this was a good idea?!? What was I even thinking?? I'm horrible at this and it is going to look worse than before.  Why couldn't I have left well enough alone?  Me and a can of paint.....against the big empty wall. Did I mention I am the worst painter?  I got a solid coat on and shook my head. Maybe it was the fumes. So I went to begin my clean up. And I kept trying to come up with ideas that would salvage my poor bathroom. Poor, poor bathroom. And I kept saying over and patient. Let it settle. Let it dry. And go from there. It became quite obvious I would not be finishing this quick little project over the weekend. Quick being comical at this point. I talked to my dad. Just let it dry. Fill in the imperfections and sand them. Then paint another coat of primer.   Yes. The primer brought out all the rough spots I missed. But it also brough unity and consistency. I can't stop looking at it. It'sbeautiful. Even with the blemishes. So much better than before. So much better than pretending like the horrific wallpaper was just fine. So much better than pretending like the way things have been were the way they needed to be. Peeling it all back layer by layer. Letting the light reveal the rough spots. Laying them smooth. No, fear. Just no. Thankful. 

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