Saturday, January 24, 2015

When You Know

Oh this week....I couldn't wake up in the mornings. I haven't felt that way in quite a while. So much churning in my head and in my heart. It left me wordless and quite unable to do much of anything past the required tasks of getting through the days. I questioned everything. My quiet time consisted of pulling the covers over my head and praying for wisdom and direction. Reminding myself over and over who I am. And this morning found me making toddler attempts at something that isn't new to me. And as I listened, He spoke. I can't keep trying to fit myself into this mold of what I believe perfect should be, how I believe one should act and feel and respond. It's just not me. And the times that I allow myself to just take a break....for the love already...I find my joy. I find who I am. And I like her. I know who He made me to be. What He wants from this girl He calls His own. So do it. And like everything else I have done along this journey, get freakin' good at it. Because I am strong and I am capable when I turn it over to Him and just obey. He can handle the rest. And that is freedom. And in those moments, well, there is no fear. Thankful. 

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