Sunday, January 4, 2015

Faith In The Odd Year

Three years. Day in and day out, it has been with me. On good days and bad days and days when I didn't want to look at it. Days when I wondered if any part of it was even true. Do it anyways. It has been my comfort when I felt I had not one thing else, it has never lied to me or told me things I wanted to hear out of flattery. I have had the outside cover since I was 11 years old. It has my maiden name stamped in faded barely readable letters. The inside pages have been with me since March 20, 1995. Almost 20 years. I depend on it. I need it everyday. It is my hope on the days I want to quit. It's my reminder that His Word will remain, that time cannot change what is the Truth. Three years now, it has become my constant companion. On nights I can't sleep I lay my hand on it. On days that seem unending I find relief in it. In times where I wonder if I have strayed too far again, I find my anchor. My road home. When I wonder if I am ever gonna make it, if this is all just too much....I find my answers. No, fear. No. Thankful. 

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