Saturday, January 3, 2015

Que Sera Sera

Been some late nights around here which make for late mornings. Doing my run at almost noon....6 hours later than normal. But it's habit. It's what I do. It's me. So much has changed about me in three years. This string of days, these dates, they were life changing for me. And as much as everyday God tells me it's time to forget, I think remebering comes first. I think you have to be in a place of healing to remeber and then you can forget. Not necessarily the actions, they shaped who I am, where I am, what God is making me to be. But forget about having to have all the answers, how this is gonna play out, what the ending will be.....who will win. That's been the thorn in my side. And walking up the long drive this morning, I heard myself saying how Lord how? And just as quickly I said...never mind. That's Your business. No, fear. No. And peace. Forget about all that....remember Who He is.....and who you are baby girl. I read 2 Samuel 7:27-29. Yes. That is my prayer. You build it. Thankful. 

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