Saturday, January 31, 2015


It was beautiful. It tugged at my heart. No...not practical right this second.  I felt like He was speaking to me, but I didn't do it. And the next day it became very apparent I should. And as much as it began as something entirely different, it became a gift to me as well. I'm not a jewelry wearer unless it has purpose. Everything I wear has a story. That being said, sometimes the stories behind them make me not want to wear them.  Then I saw these. There is so much new. So much changing, yet some things remain the same. Anchors. And that was the purpose for these. And for the one I would share with another. We are bound by a God who loves us and reminds us that our names are written on the palms of His hands. Such value. Such worth. And I wanted the things I love most to be there each day. Their names written. And to remind another of their worth. That they are always loved. No matter the distance. Fear crept in and shouldn't.....and I heard Him whisper....No fear. NO. Thankful. 

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