Thursday, January 8, 2015

Old Wells

It. Is. Freezing. Seriously. I'm still bundled up in bed. And I'm not the least bit sad. This week has been exhausting. Getting back into our routines and I must confess, I still have decorations that need to go back where they came from. This week has found me exhausted on every level. Emotionally, physically, relationally, in parenting. I fed my kids fast food for dinner. Our other option would have been eggs and lettuce. They are gracious to me. And I am giving myself mercy. I have one beautiful day off in this week and it used to stress me. Today I am just appreciative to have some time to get my feet back under me. This brand new year has found me asking some hard questions. I've been whinning about being ready for new. I think moreover God wants me to see new things springing up from what He has already given. Forget the former things.....I am sensing it's really more about forgiveness.  Digging out from under all the things that have prevented His blessings from springing up. Right where I am. Where I have always been. Where He has held me. Yes. He is with me. Never leaves or forsakes. I can sow the seeds without worry of want. No fear, just no. Thankful. 

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