Saturday, January 31, 2015

In The Quiet

I sat there listening. I knew it was where I was supposed to be. This all of sudden on set of a really bad cold left me feeling exhausted and a little quieter than usual. I was having a hard time shaking the feeling of cold. I hate to be cold. But as they began singing, then we began singing along too, I tried to listed to whatever it was I needed to hear. And when she spoke, it rang true in my ears...someone has a voice to carry....yes. The word I had been expecting. It was not a surprise at all when the scripture drove home what He spoke..... 
Galatians 6:5 
Each person has his or her own burden to bear and story to write. 
And so it is with this journey of mine. It's not easy Saying yes to God. Moreover, it's not easy to keep saying yes to Him when the first yes seemed to bring about complete destruction. Every "yes" at every turn brought me here. And so much these days I see how it could have gone another way. And it makes my heart ever so grateful that this is where I am. As I see the unfolding it makes the next yes, the best yes, a little easier. Because fear screams so loudly at times and that's when He steps in and whispers what I know. Perfect love, His love, casts out fear. And I can do hard things through Him. And again this verse...
Philippians 4:6 Don’t be anxious about things; instead, pray. Pray about everything. He longs to hear your requests, so talk to God about your needs and be thankful for what has come. 
He makes me strong. And fearless. Thankful. 

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