Sunday, January 11, 2015

Clear Eyes

Just pondering so much lately this thing He is doing. I prayed for so long for a miracle. And perhaps the praying was the miracle. Perhaps the truest answer was the change it would bring. Perhaps the realization of that is the biggest miracle of all. I had a last minute race this weekend. And it broke down the walls as it often does. Prepares me for what He's about to say. I didn't see it coming until I did. And then I was face to face with it. Be the constant baby girl.  Yes, wishy washy, back and forth baby girl. Stand your ground and do whatever He tells you for however long that takes. Day in. Day out. Morning after morning. Word by word. Prayer by prayer. And I woke up and looked around and saw the fruit of it. And it is beautiful. And I sense it trying to creep its way in....what if.... No fear, just no. Thankful. 

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