Thursday, January 1, 2015


It's a Day 1. I'm three years out from my last Day 1. The one that shook me and stripped me bare. The one where my life began again. Because I had prayed to The One. Help me.... I said. And so He did. He destroyed all that was destroying me. And part of me went with it. So it is really a double Day One. That year day one of a new year that brought about the death of all I knew. And that first Thursday when my world changed. The day I also picked my journal back up. The day my words came, like drops out of a faucet that preceded the torent that will be. Yes. This day, this date, this decade for me. Again and again. Forget the old, the new has come. And yes, I am perceiving it. I am. I awoke to do the same thing I have done for three years now. Three. It took this long to let it settle in. Before, I would go for weeks, months, without my words. And now, no matter what, they are here. It began with pen and paper. Then He brought me to this place to meet amazing people. To share my words, my voice and to find help on this path. Today I have both. My pen and paper, this space to share with others and the knowledge that this is who I am. And that I can see the change in me. That this was not wasted. Today is the beginning of something amazing. I know it. Thankful. 

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