Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Count The Blessings

Such pockets of grateful. I have so much. My health comes to mind. My ability to move and exercise and eat. I am blessed. I'm tired, but usually that's from long days at a job I love and then an hour in the gym with beautiful friends. I am privileged to share what I have learned with others and get to watch their health being changed in the process. How amazing is that?? I've also been blessed with the gift of forgiveness. Of healing. Of a tying together things that were once my biggest anxiety. Yes. God has healed that. And so perhaps it's a reminder that what is hardest today will not always be. Perhaps the healing comes from the hard. When you have seen someone at their worst and some how, some way, God births something beautiful when you dare to let humility come. Not humiliation. But the grace that God allows when He bends you low. When you can then see things from another perspective. There is healing there. And then you pass it on. You meet others there. You become a hand holder. And everyone is stronger. Thankful. 

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