Saturday, December 13, 2014

Handle With Care

This place feels a bit scary. I hear the words and I start to get apprehensive. And I just have to say what I know. Even though right now looks can be deceiving. My boy had an all day thing. He's becoming all that he loves. And God set that up. Dropped it right in my lap. Timing. And my girl came home and so we ventured out and shared the day and explored and made some new favorite things. We laughed. I mean snort laugh. From the inside out laugh. And we drug the boy with us. He's getting used to us. We are all getting used to a lot of things. New memories. New friends. New plans.....laced with things that were. Dreams. Today my girl made her first stockings. Just like I do and have always done. I showed her what I do. What we buy.  Passed it down. The staples. All things stocking for our Christmas each year, yes.....passed down and begin and again. Brand new. We took pictures, watched Rudolph, ate ice cream...and my heart feels full tonight. Solid. Thankful. 

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