Friday, December 26, 2014


I envy you.... That took me by surprise. Those words. Because who would envy me? I let the words settle while the water washed over. Oh the words that space contains. The prayers that travel upwards with the steam. I suppose that when I look at things in the proper light, I do. I have blessings abound. And I stopped looking past today and just settled into right now. I'm choosing to be grateful right here. I made hot chocolate for my youngest. With a whipped cream tower. Just like he has always loved. Another year with him. I'm heart full. My girl, we talked today. She was with me in my anxiousness. And she is a comfort and a joy and fiercely protective of her mama. And tonight I settled in. And I pulled out my great grandmothers tea cup. So small and beautiful, yet it has withstood all that the years have brought. And it seemed like a better choice than my normal oversized cup. One small portion at a time. Simple. Lord tonight I just ask for sustaining grace. Help us hold fast to You and Your promises. When all else may fail. You do not. Thankful. 

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