Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Try Try Again

Its day 3. Day three of advent. I'm exhausted. I'm not sure exactly how this whole gift thing is working out. Maybe it's me. Maybe they are too old, maybe.... But these pockets of beautiful come. Little gifts wrapped. I walked in to work Tuesday frazzled. I had forgotten my lunch for two days in a row, picked out the size too big pants to wear I thought I had given away....yeah. Happy Tuesday. And as I walked in and settled my sweet coworkers made such a fuss about how cute I looked and my new boots. And then out of the blue, as we began talking about exercising after work, something we have grown accustomed to doing, one sweet friend have changed my life... Shut the front door. Heart overflowed. And I cried. Holy cow at the power and the honor in those words. It took me 2 1/2 years and 16 applications to get hired..... 15 no's before I got a yes. And I almost gave up. Almost. Almost said what's the point. But I gave it one more shot I did. And that changed everything. And more than just my own life in the process. Thankful. 

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