Wednesday, December 31, 2014

They Say It Comes In Three's

It's New Year's Eve. I'm off work today. Actually for a string of days. I started the barroom remodel. So there is that. I just laid here for a while. Praying. Talking. Listening. My verse. Hebrews 4:16. Drawing near to the throne. To find grace. And mercy. And the amplified reads well timed help..... Yes. Help. I let that settle in and then my other verse made me smile. Isaiah 43. Forget the former things.....yes. Forget. That seems a strange word that has taken hold of me. But if we run boldly to His grace and mercy, we can forget. We don't have to hold onto our sins, our mistakes. Because He keeps no record of them. And if He doesn't then why should we? And if we are running to Him and He will send timely help, just as we need it, then what is there to fear?  Because I fear forget. I fear being forgotten.  Because I have felt that. And it is unbearable. Somehow though, I know it's time to forget the former, because the new is coming. Those deeps planted seeds, they don't stay down forever. They burst forth. New. And you forget it was ever dead dry earth. You forget that you ever wondered when and if. You can't remeber the barren because the harvest is so very full. You forget the pain of the toil, because the harvest of the sheaves leaves you crying tears of joy. Forget what was to have vision for what is coming. There is one thing that I won't forget. He inscribed it on my heart and literally sent it in form of binding it around my neck by way of a beautiful necklace. It need always stay. I need always remember. It's my word. Thankful. 

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